Traditional sponsorship of local community groups doesn’t work.
It typically ends up as a donation with no long lasting benefits between the sponsor and organisation.

Sponsaw has developed a revolutionary fundraising product to ensure you:

Get a 500% return on your local marketing spend;

Generate more local customers;

Grow you a consumer database to re target;

Assist local sports clubs, schools and charities raise significant revenue;

Build your brand and goodwill in the local community.

Here’s how it works:

We supply a major travel prize for not for profits to raffle @ $5 a ticket.

You supply an offer (or just branding) on the back of the DL sized raffle ticket for just $1 a ticket (min order of 500 tickets).

The club keeps 100% of the proceeds of the ticket sales. You simply decide how many of your branded tickets you want to supply to each club. E.g. 200 tickets = $1000 sponsorship ($200 cost to you and 200 offers for your business.)

All donors of the organisation have to register their ticket online – giving us their details and ability to reserve your offer to them electronically.

If you want us to find you local organisations to ‘sponsaw’ for you we can (for an additional fee) or as they approach you for sponsorship, you can offer them your tickets.

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